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OEFFA Organic Certification is a USDA National Organic Program Accredited Certifier. The USDA National Organic Program (NOP) was created in 2002, and OEFFA Certification became accredited to certify under these national standards that year. This means that if you decide to certify with OEFFA, your organic certificate will be recognized throughout the U.S.  With few exceptions, a grower or processor must be certified organic to market their products as "organic."  Organic certification can enhance profitability, preserve the environment, protect family and worker health, and produce a wholesome product. 

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OEFFA Certification will only be accepting new applications from operations in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and Virginia. If you are not from these states, please visit the National Organic Program website to find a certifier in your area. If you are from outside our region and are already certified by OEFFA, we will continue to honor your relationship with us.

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