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Cheese Making

Columbus, OH 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Basic cheese making is a simple process that requires milk – amazing but true. And, the basic recipe for simple cheese can be made into dozens of different-tasting cheeses with simple items commonly found in the kitchen. Sweet or savory – it's all easy once you know the basics.

What You'll gain from the City Folks Farm Shop class: We'll spend our time sampling cheeses (how hard can that be?), and walking through the processes needed to create cheese curd and whey. And, we'll turn the curd into a variety of great tasting cheeses that can served as dessert, as appetizers or as toppings. Ricotta, cottage cheese, junket, and raw goat cheese. You'll also learn how to ferment the curd, and preserve the cheeses so that nothing goes to waste. All participants will receive an eBook version of Annie's book NATURALLY HEALTH GOAT REFERENCE GUIDE which contains a short chapter on basic cheese making.

THE INSTRUCTOR: Annie Warmke is a farmer and writer, and the instructor for the BRS Goat School. She has been teaching natural goat health for the past four years and is the author of the NATURALLY HEALTHY GOAT REFERENCE GUIDE, available through Blue Rock Station's website, Amazon.com, City Folks Farm Shop and Hoegger Goat Supply. She is a graduate of Ohio University and co-owns (with her husband, Jay) Blue Rock Station, a sustainable living center located in southeast Ohio.

Cost: $35

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