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Central Ohio Community Crop Insurance Meeting

Granville, Ohio 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Help us make sure the farm bill reflects your priorities!

Changes to the farm bill could move us toward greater environmental sustainability, help us protect farmland for our future, support beginning farmers, and more - but only if we get involved in the process!

That discussion includes "structural" issues in the farm bill and following the money to see exactly what kind of agricultural future we choose to support.

Although 78 percent of U.S. farmers have no crop insurance, the program has an annual cost of $6.1 billion. That's why one of OEFFA's key farm bill priorities is to improve the crop insurance program.

Crop insurance is an important tool to help farmers weather the weather and other catastrophic events, but should not dictate what farmers plant, or create a distorted playing field that disadvantages beginning, sustainable, or diversified producers. Currently, the program excludes many types of farms and farmers, presents barriers to farmers that want to implement sustainable practices, and subsidizes farm consolidation.

Please join OEFFA's Heart of Ohio Chapter for a conversation on how we can improve crop insurance and other programs in the next farm bill to better serve farmers and our food system.

RSVP to: julia@oeffa.org or (614) 359-3180

We hope you can make it!

Three Tigers Brewing Company

140 N Prospect St.
Granville, OH 43023

Julia Barton / (614) 359-3180 /


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Columbus OH 43214


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