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Garden Station


Lisa Helm
509 E. 4th St.
Dayton, Ohio 45402


Listing updated 04 24, 2016

vegetables, greens, roots, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, squash, beans, food forest crops

Garden Station is a 2 acre community garden & urban farm, art park, sustainable living education center, and community meeting place in the heart of downtown Dayton, Ohio. We have demonstration gardens featuring permaculture design, natural building and educational murals. We teach over 60 free hands on, DIY sustainable living classes each year on a variety of topics including beekeeping, organic gardening, permaculture, food preservation and preparation, herbal remedies and more; 40 of those classes occurring at EarthFest, which attracts over 4000 visitors. Our urban farmer’s cooperative, “Dayton Urban Grown”, helping to subsidize new urban farmers through sharing of resources and equipment. Over 500 volunteers come each season to visit, take a guided tour and work for 3-5 hours at a time. Our core team are also all volunteers, we are an Ohio Non-profit organization, have no paid staff and operate entirely by community donations and small community grants. Our founder is a Master Organic Gardener, Permaculture Certified and has taken classes in urban agriculture from Will Allen and Jean Martin Fortier, natural building classes at Blue Rock Station and is a graduate of Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance Seed School. This season (2016) will be our first spring and summer with our new hoophouses and we will be constructing a wash/pack station and walk in cooler. We are working with several partners to develop a training program in small scale, no till, intensive urban farming. We grow organically but are not certified.

Lisa Helm (937) 610-3845

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