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OEFFA requires that all inspectors be trained by the International Organic Inspectors Association in the scope(s) they are interested in inspecting (crop, livestock, or processing/handling). Training courses are held at multiple times during the year all over the U.S. Occasionally an exception is made to this if the potential inspector demonstrates equivalent training, education and/or experience. IOIA training courses are approximately one week long for each scope and vary in cost. A potential inspector should also have other experience and education in growing/processing, whether s/he worked on an organic farm, earned an agricultural degree, worked in food processing, etc. It goes without saying that a potential organic inspector also has an interest in preserving the integrity of the National Organic Program.

Multiple factors are taken into account in hiring inspectorsódemand for scope (for example, livestock), region where the inspector resides, experience, training, education, communication skills, etc. If OEFFA hires you as an independent inspector, you will be matched with a mentor and required to shadow them for at least three inspections and complete reports.

Please contact the Certification Operations Coordinator if you have any further questions about inspecting for OEFFA.


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