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Forming a Chapter of
the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association

Forming an OEFFA chapter is a great way to get to know people in your area that have an interest in sustainable or organic agriculture. While many chapter activities are social, such as potlucks, chapters serve a variety of other purposes, including, but not limited to:

  • Bulk orders of seeds, plants or supplies.
  • Educational workshops or tours.
  • Support funds for other projects.
  • Finding customers or farmers.

In 1998, the OEFFA board adopted the chapter structure to stimulate local activities and encourage members to more fully participate in determining organizational direction. By providing members with the capacity to organize local activities and priorities, chapters help OEFFA serve local needs by helping members serve themselves and each other.


Any 10 paid OEFFA members can form a chapter. Family memberships count as 2 members towards the goal of 10. Individuals wishing to start a chapter should determine the philosophical or geographical definitions of their chapter. The initiating members then reserve a meeting space and time, and ask the state office to help contact target chapter members. A map, time, date, phone number for additional information, and the text of the announcement are required to send the mailing. Please allow at least four weeks to ensure that announcements can be prepared, mailed, and received in time.

Area members decide at the meeting if they would like to form a chapter. New chapters must select a President and a Clerk-Treasurer. Each chapter must agree to hold quarterly meetings of members, to adopt the same fiscal year as the Corporation, and to operate in accordance with the by-laws of the Corporation. In addition, chapters must choose a representative to the OEFFA State Board.

Organizers then send a list of Chapter members and officers to the OEFFA Board President or Secretary, along with a written request for formal recognition as a Chapter. Chapter leadership will be notified within seven days of the vote to approve or reject the request.


OEFFA will provide administrative assistance, such as developing mailings for meetings and providing postage as a service of membership. In some instances, chapters may use OEFFA's non profit status to purchase educational activity materials. Start up grants in amounts approved by the state Board and annual operating grants based on a percentage of dues are also available for Chapter activities. Contact the office or a board member for more information.

Chapters cannot use OEFFA's tax exempt status to solicit donations to fund chapter activities. All tax exempt Chapter fund raising efforts must be joint efforts sanctioned and administered by the state office and board. Chapters are encouraged to establish their own bank accounts to manage chapter funds.

Dissolution of a Chapter

A local chapter may be dissolved by a vote of two thirds of its members. A local chapter may also be dissolved by a vote of two thirds of the Board of Trustees for violation of these by-laws or for actions that are detrimental to the goals or reputation of the Corporation. Upon such dissolution, all assets of the chapter shall pass to the Corporation.

Existing Chapters

Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
41 Croswell Rd.
Columbus OH 43214


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