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The Agraria Center for Regenerative Practice: Nourishing Life Conference

Online event 

Friday, June 18, 2021 through Saturday, June 19, 2021
12:00pm (June 18th) - 5:00pm (June 29th)

The Agraria Center for Regenerative Practice is hosting an online conference, Nourishing Life, June 18-19, 2021 to address the interwoven threads of soil health, nutrition, and community health.

We face climate crises, epidemic chronic disease, a global pandemic and major threats to our food supply. How we nourish ourselves and our soil is intimately related to each of these challenges. Imagine regenerative solutions that tap the wisdom of nature, our ancestors, and our new understanding of the physiology of immunity and chronic disease.

Nourishing Life will inspire and inform healthcare providers, curious farmers, and concerned community members with action steps for their personal and professional lives, their communities, and our world. Be an agent of change in your community. Please join us as we rejoin with nature and our ancestors in the cycle of Nourishing Life.

Confirmed speakers and topics:
- Vandana Shiva, PhD on the broken global food system and the link between soil health and human health
- Drew Ramsey, MD on the link between nutrition and mental wellness
- Chelsea Dorsett RD, LD on the importance of eating real, whole food and how to translate nutrition guidance into practical tips regarding food selection and preparation
- Mark Cucuzzella, MD on transforming health care systems with real, whole food to build immunity, to treat and in some cases, even reverse, metabolic disorders and chronic disease
- Dr. Clark-Ganheart will speak about racial disparities in health and wellness and her approach to addressing metabolic syndrome.
- Christine Jones, PhD on optimizing the liquid carbon pathway and microbial diversity in healthy soil
- and more!

Online event

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