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MorningSide Farm


George Remington
1075 State Rd.
Hinckley, OH 44233

Certified Organic by: OEFFA

Listing updated 01 04, 2017

300+ certified organic vegetable varieties; some small fruits

MorningSide Farm is a unique, small, organic vegetable farm. In addition to a fair wage, we offer our apprentices and young helpers the opportunity to gather a wealth of information. On our 5 acres and 5 greenhouses we grow about every type of vegetable that our climate will support, and many varieties of most. In addition we grow blueberries, herbs, tropical crops and forage some wild edibles. We offer our crops to farmers markets, CSAs and restaurants, 12 months a year. We nurture and balance our soils with cover crops, minerals, composts and crop rotations. Our planting, cultivation, irrigation, crop management and harvest techniques are simple and vary from the use of small tractors to hand tools and our fingertips. Our helpers are involved with almost all aspects with the farm. You will seed plug trays in the greenhouse, amend and prepare soils for planting, plant, cultivate, harvest, pack and vend at the market. Most of what you do here can be scaled up to a hundred acre organic farm or down to an organic backyard garden. We also try to manage everyone’s workday so that they see some variety of tasks to make their day more pleasant.

George Remington (216) 406-6621

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